Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Roundup

What a great weekend! My sister and her family came up from Connecticut to visit. Six kids and 4 adults in the house, and yet mayhem was not part of the equation. Lots of Lego building, Star Wars watching and general silliness abounded. And who knows what the kids were doing :) Seriously though, it was a good weekend and really wonderful to get to spend some time with that part of our family. We don't see them enough.

I ended up doing my 5 mile run on Saturday morning instead of Friday. It was a good run. I lost some time on my watch, however, because the battery was getting low and I stopped the timer for perhaps a 1/2 mile inadvertently. Regardless, I did the Neighborhood Run with Pleasant Street extension (5.04 miles) in approximately 55 minutes. It was cold out there--about 27 degrees F. But it felt good.

I also noticed that my left leg felt a lot stronger on the hills. I'd pulled my hamstring about 25 years ago stretching after a run and it's always been a little wonky. But last week my new trainer really pushed my leg workout to the point where my left leg was trembling quite a bit. She paid attention to that though and stopped the workout to stretch the leg. We went back to work on it and really it was fine. I was super sore the next day (Wednesday) but did a 3 mile run that day. Later that night--ouch! I was sore. The next day, Thursday, my workout with Matt was great--I was still pretty stiff but we worked through it. The payoff was on Saturday where I felt a little bit of extra strength in that left leg. Hopefully I'm on the road to building up that leg again. It's always been noticeably weaker and I never really thought that was a fixable thing. We'll see!

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