Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gym Workout and Thoughts About Speed V. Distance

This morning I did a veeery short treadmill warm up (about .50 miles) before gym a workout with Laura, my new trainer. Holy crap, she kicked my butt today. Lots of leg work and some upper body work to address my shoulder issue. Split squats with a medicine ball, squats and rows, Ys & Ts, tons of abs, etc, etc. I'm glad I didn't do another 4 mile run before working out with her. Oy vey!

I went through the calendar yesterday to figure out when I need to start a regimented training schedule for the May 29th half marathon. Looks like I have until the end of this month before I need to really put my nose to the grindstone, as they say. Maybe a better cliche would be "before the rubber meets the road." :) I'm looking forward to pushing past the 5 mile mark. I have a 5 mile race on the 13th. That should help me get psyched up for going further. I'm getting a little bored with my routes, however. I'll think about changing that up soon.

I'm a little worried that all this winter running and longer distance-push has slowed my speed down a bit. I know I intentionally slowed down so that I could push past the 5K mark more comfortably, but I seem to be way slower than I'd like to be. Of course, running on ice--even with Yak Trax--is no picnic. Let's hope that when the streets are a little clearer and I'm more regular with my runs I'll pick up the speed again.

Cheers! Happy running!

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  1. That marathon sounds like a great one to work towards. I'm interested to hear more about your training regimen! I'm *very* new to running, as in... not totally started yet. :p I need some inspiration. Thanks for the cool blog to help motivate me!