Sunday, January 31, 2010

Short run day--felt good

Very short run day. Only 2.11 miles at 10:08 average run. It wasn't too cold which is why I was able to get out today. The last two days were super cold. I've never run in those temps--14 degrees F and 20 degrees F with a windchill factor that took it even lower.

Theorectically I'm game for that kind of environment. I mean, hell, the worst that can happen is that I head home. Right? But my time is limited (when it comes to running) and if I can't do it the way I anticipate, I kinda don't want to. That's not necessarily the right mindset. I should probably go with the flow. But somehow I can't quite go out and "see what happens". I hope that happens soon. :\

Today's run, however, wasn't bad. It was short, but consistent. Not super fast (I've certainly done much faster) but I had some hills to contend with and alot of ice. I'm looking forward to my next race on Feb 13th. I want to have my speed challenged again. That one will be tough because I've been keeping my speed to sub 10. I guess I should start picking it back up again, but I'm not sure where I should hang it if I'm going to do a 1/2 marathon in May. Is 9:30 doable? is 10? I'm open to any time, I just want to know where I should shoot.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hair Cut

The last time I got my haircut, I waited 6 months in between appointments. I don't know if I had a good reason for that. In fact, I'm sure I didn't. So, after my last appointment I made another appointment that day for 2 months out.

That was too soon. At my appointment this morning my hair stylist said "Hmmm. Your hair looks pretty good." Doh.

So, I think that this is sort of analogous to how I operate my life in general. Either I let things get completely out of control to an uncomfortable stage, or I'm obsessively monitoring and tracking and tweaking. Basically, I'm not a 3 months person. Had I made my appointment at 3 months--not 6 and not 2--it would have been perfect. But I tend to loose sight of 3 months.

And although this may seem like an irrelevant post for a running blog, I think it's a fitting description for my running habits as well. Either I'm on top of it--possibly running a bit too much or too hard--or I'm slacking and eating Klondike bars causing my skinny jeans to break up with my ass once again.

Anyway, here is my fab new and not-quite-needed haircut. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slacker No More

Finally. I broke my slacking cycle. I went to the gym today and started my usual running warm up on the treadmill. I went about 1.40 miles before I decided to bust out and take my run to the great wide open. Yes, I went outside! It's been super cold here lately. And yesterday it rained buckets. Today it was a relatively warm 43 or 46 degrees and bright sunshine. So, I ditched the treadmill and headed out the door.

The other issue with the treadmill was that my shoulders--both of them--started to bother me. Getting outside helped me relax, improve my posture and with it the stiffness in my neck and shoulders.

I could really feel the effects of my aforementioned slacking, however. That first 1.4 on the treadmill was torture. Boring, tiring, blah. When I got outside, yes, much better, but once I got to the top of my first hill (about a mile into the run) I hit the wall. I was good to myself, though. I stopped. Stretched. And continued on. Then I gave myself the option of a nice long downhill stretch to give my core a break.

All in all, I did 4 miles. Not sure about the time, but I'm guessing something like 45 mins overall.

Running the rest of this week will be a challenge, however. Tomorrow I have kid commitments, as I also do on Thursday. Maybe I can actually haul my ass out of bed at 6am and go for a run. We'll see.

Monday, January 25, 2010

In Which I Slack and Slack. And Then Slack Some More.

Ugh! I am slacking. That is the upshot of this short post. I have not run in several days. I have gone skiing. And yes, it is raining today. But the slacking must stop. I have no good excuse.

Tomorrow I go to the gym. I resolve to get there early and run on the treadmill. And then run again after my workout.

Wednesday I have volunteer work to do at the library. And then I take the kids skiing again in the afternoon. Not sure where I'll fit in the running unless I get up at 6am. Which may happen.

Thursday I will not be at the gym because I will be babysitting The Cousins and My Brood all at the same time.

Friday ... let's hope I get my act together and am running on that day. And Saturday. And Sunday.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Short run day

Today was a short run day--2 miles on the treadmill at the gym followed up with an hour workout with my trainer. Nothing exciting, but keeping myself in shape!

Monday, January 11, 2010

An Uninspired Day

It happens. No running today. I'm feeling tired from the long weekend. If I had the rest of the day to myself I would probably make it out for a nice long run. But in an hour I'll need to go pick up Jamie at preschool. And I'm not going to make it out there before then. So. No run today.

I needed this morning to recover from the weekend. We were just busy--friends, family, food, wine. Sounds wonderful, of course, but I'm seriously tired from it. I think I could have wrapped myself in a blanket and just slept the day away if I'd let myself. Basically I've done the mental equivalent of a blanket-wrapped day. I haven't spoken to anyone since dropping of Jamie this morning. I really needed the quiet.

Mental health day today. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's Saturday, January 9th. Although I'm ostensibly waiting for my Garmin Forerunner batteries to charge before my run, really I'm eyeing the thermometer and trying to get psyched up for at least a 4 mile run. The distance isn't the problem. The problem is that first .25 to .50 mile. It's freaking cold here. Tops it's 31 degrees F. Sure, it could be much colder. This is Boston. But I struggle with dressing right. Either I'm too cold or too hot. And since that first .25 of a mile is tough for me under any circumstances (one of my quirks) adding being cold to wanting to turn around is not a great mix.

So. I wait for the battery to charge and I realize that the later it gets in the day, the colder it gets.

My plan for the day: 4 miles at least. I haven't been moving my base much lately. I need to start a more consistent running schedule in order to be prepared for my first half marathon at the end of May. I have plenty of time. But not plenty of motivation. :)

I'll come back and update this post after my run. :)

Yes. It was cold! But I got through it. My legs and stomach are super red and tingling, but at least I was dressed appropriately!

I ran 5.04 miles in 55:34. Not my PR, for sure, but not terrible either. I wanted to push past 4 miles and I'm happy that I went to 5, no matter the time. Woot!